New CEO and New VP Business Development

As of 1st of May 2017, Lars Asking will take the role as CEO of MVIC. Lars responsibility will be to run the business including overall responsibility of Project Management, and report to the Board of MVIC AB. Every MVIC project has an appointed project manager who will report progress to Lars.

Ola Nerbrink will take on the role as VP Business Development. His main task will be to identify and build up customer relations and he will have responsibilities to underlay and write CDAs, MSAs and quotations based on input from member companies and CEO. Further to Lars and Ola, Malin Svensson will continue to be MVIC’s administrative coordinator. Feel free to contact any of us!

MVIC was founded as a consortium of member companies in 2012 and the first MVIS conference was already held this year and has expanded successfully every year since, now having more than 130 visitors on a yearly basis. In 2013 MVIC became a legal entity as MVIC AB with Orest Lastow as CEO. In mid 2014, Ola Nerbrink became CEO and he has since then increased the number of customers and turnover. We now hope to continue the progress of MVIC and further expand in the inhalation area with Lars Asking as CEO.

Contact information to Lars, Ola and Malin.