Angle of Repose Measurements

The actual powder flow of a formulation intended for dry powder inhalation is a useful parameter and can be assessed using different technologies which provides different aspects of this property. One obvious, and immediately transferable, method is to evaluate using the “Angle of Repose” approach. Here a conical pile’s angle, relative to the horizontal base is examined when a powder is poured on to the horizontal surface in a controlled way. The result is related to e.g. density, surface area, particle size distribution, amount of fines, coefficient of friction of the material etc., and provides a value which proportional to the powder flow of the formulation.
MVIC is now offering support in this field and performs characterisations using this technology using an equipment which fulfills all recommendations from the pharmacopeial methods USP1174 and EP 2.9.16 for the assessment of Powder Flow. The instrument is designed and produced within MVIC and can be purchased. Please contact us for more info.

Angle of Repose