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Reddot design award winner

Zenit Design has a long and extensive experience from the development of healthcare products. We have been part of developing dry powder inhalers, metered dose inhalers, nebulizers, nasal devices, muscle stimulators, blood analysis equipment, injectors etc. The many development projects have given us a long and in-depth experience from pharmaceutical product development and all the regulatory and quality implications. We use a standard fast track development process for projects with short lead time or narrow scope. For longer and more complex projects we can offer the proven Redundancy Based Development (RBD) process, which effectively addresses and mitigates risks. With RBD, even challenging and high risk projects can deliver on time and on budget.

We provide services at all stages of the development, from early conceptual ideas to design for high volume manufacture. We can help taking product ideas to market in a fast and cost effective way. We help develop products with a strong customer focus. In this context, the term “customer” is defined in a wider sense including not only patients but also regulators, clinicians, payers, physicians, operations, suppliers, marketing etc. Understanding the customer needs and developing a product definition with comprehensive specifications is a key element of successful product development. Zenit has a wide range of skills in-house, with many multi-disciplined specialists. Our ambition is to always provide services of the highest quality and technical expertise in a cost-effective way.

To maintain this quality level we have established a strategic network with a number of suppliers with expertise in areas outside the Zenit expert skill set. We can also perform market/competitor analysis and support in a technical due diligence of a licensing opportunity.

Our key selling points are listed below:

  • Hands-on experience from all aspects of development of  inhalation devices and medical devices
  • Thorough understanding of the intricate interaction between device, formulation and performance
  • Long pharmaceutical product development background

Unique combination of in-house skills:

  • Mechanical design, industrial design, inhalation technology, physics, aerosol science, electrostatics, fluid dynamics  and pharmaceutics

We combine innovative industrial design with state of the art product development and a strong pharmaceutical expertise.