Toxicology Knowledge Team

Toxicology Knowledge Team Sweden

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Toxicology Knowledge Team Sweden (TKT) was founded, and is owned, by a number of dedicated toxicologists from AstraZeneca Safety Assessment Sweden. In TKT we have gathered Sweden’s broadest expertise in toxicological risk assessment. Common to all TKT’s consultants is a long standing experience in toxicological analysis and risk assessment. We work as a team, therefore each customer is assured access to our collective experience and expertise in each assignment. In addition, we have access to a well-developed network of additional expertise in e.g. pathology, veterinary medicine, reproductive toxicology, metabolism and pharmacokinetics.

TKT can provide toxicological expertise in all forms, from concept to finished product. Our staff has extensive experience in safety assessment of potential drug targets, an important component of early stage drug discovery projects. We also support companies that have more advanced pharmaceutical projects – with design, monitoring and review of toxicology and safety pharmacology studies, as well as the generation of regulatory documentation. We take on all tasks involving problem solving and toxicological risk assessment.

We support companies and organizations that require expertise and advice in industrial hygiene and risk assessment of impurities in API’s and drug products.

TKT has unique expertise in in silico analysis, and provides e.g. QSAR predictions for genotoxicity and other severe toxicity.

TKT can also provide toxicological investigations and risk assessment of medical devices within the ISO 10993 standards.