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StatMind AB is a consultant company founded by three statisticians formerly employed at AstraZeneca R&D in Lund. The aim is to provide overall statistical support in addition to broader mathematical modelling. Our focus is primarily within Life Science, but other areas with similar objectives are also within our scope of activities and deliverables.

All three founders have a long experience, totally over 50 years, of statistical project work within the pharmaceutical development of substances in the respiratory area, primarily with focus on inhalation products. We have a broad hands-on experience of all phases of clinical development, from first-time-into-man to marketing aspects. We also have extensive experience from evaluating biomarkers both in experimental and clinical settings. In addition we have worked with specific inhalation issues including in-vitro experiments (inhalation characteristics), lung deposition studies, development and switching programs for inhalation devices.

Particularly strong areas of qualified expertise are the analysis of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies, and the modelling of PK/PD relationships.In order to maximize the benefit and knowledge from a costly experiment we think it is an advantage if statisticians are involved early in the process, for instance, during the planning of the specific experimental design or study.