Red Glead Discovery

Red Glead Discovery
Johan Evenäs, CEO
+46 46 4601291

Red Glead Discovery is a rapidly growing Scandinavian drug discovery CRO company with 23 employees. Our long-standing experience in preclinical development of compounds for inhalation makes us a preferred partner for clients that want to discover new drugs or to optimise existing substances for this administration route.

Our in-house capabilities span across a large part of the drug discovery process chain:

  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Custom Synthesis of small molecules and peptides
  • ADME & Analysis (incl. LC-MS/MS and NMR)
  • Assays & Screening / In vitro biology
  • Expertise in evaluation of compound effects in vivo inhalation models by histological endpoints
  • Fragment-based lead discovery

If you want to outsource whole projects, we can offer integrated drug discovery services. We use our experience gained from respiratory and inflammation R&D from the pharmaceutical industry combined with innovative practise in chemical synthesis to deliver compounds with high potential to become successful drugs for inhalation.