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NordicBiocube is the clinical expertise (CPU, Safety, Clinical Operations) within MVIC with thorough experience in respiratory studies from phase I to IV studies, including Japan and US, with both biomarkers, explorative samples and collaboration with external vendors. The company has unique experience in improvement project regarding global processes in clinical studies for biological samples. Therefore NordicBiocube’s main competence is to assure that each company’s process for biological material will fulfill QA and legal demands in order to find the best partner or investor in the future. A smart process for biological material already in the preclinical phase will support the drug project later on in the project. More details are given below.

NordicBiocube offers your company support with processes for biological material. This could be via:

  • Analysis, Quality Assurance
  • Hands-on questions
  • Ad hoc questions

We will help your organization to keep and reduce time with processes for biological material.

Create a process for biological material:
We will together with you create an easy and efficient process for biological material that will support your work today and tomorrow according to current domestic and international regulations.

Labelling is an important part to ensure that samples will have full traceability and that samples will be used in a correct way during its life cycle. It must be easy for your study sites to handle samples correct in your study. NordicBiocube offers customized lab kits to your study sites.

Lab kits:
Thorough planning of your lab kit will be more efficient for your sites and decrease the error rate of handling samples.

NordicBiocube offers education within current regulations for biological material, customized for the life science industry

NordicBiocube offers your company assistance with courier transports between sites, laboratories or to any other destination. These transports will be performed according to current regulations by preferred courier companies.

Safe keeping for your biological samples,planned to be in place during 2012.

Expertise in global processes for biological material, reduces time and worries, today and tomorrow!