Imaging Resource AB

Lund, Sweden
+46 701 10 25 90

Imaging Resource AB provides advanced micro-analysis services of pharmaceutical drug substances and formulations. Different specialized microscopy techniques, including scanning electron microscopy and High Speed Video Analysis, are used to create in-depth knowledge of particle and aerosol properties. This makes it possible to optimize product quality regarding compatibility, processability or intellectual properties. Scientific visualization is a powerful tool for obtaining qualitative information and can speed up the product development process and improve the collaboration between R&D and marketing.

Imaging Resoure

Surface structure & particle shape
Most small objects or surface features can be examined and documented in high magnification with electron microscopy. Both dry and moist samples can be examined with minimal sample preparation.

Surfaces, surface coatings and cross sections can be analysed with an element analysis system revealing the composition and homogeneity of the sample.

We have access to “state of the art” instrumentation that has capability to analyse nanoparticles.

Aerosol characterization
Aerosol attributes like spray pattern and plume geometry can be analysed with High Speed Video Systems.

Failure analysis
Small injection molded details and fractured surfaces from medical devices can be analysed and documented with high resolution images.

Scientific visualisation
Scientific visualisation is a powerful link between research and marketing. The technical images can be refined and colorized to become eye-catching illustrations for web pages, exhibitions, posters or other printed media.

Imaging Resource has an extensive experience from material analysis in the Life Science industry, and specific knowledge in characterising inhalation formulations and devices.