MVIC AB – Board of Directors

Pia Nilsson

Pia Nilsson
Chairman of Board

Master in Business Science
Owner and Independent Consultant at Bubcom AB

Pia Nilsson is a commercially driven business director with extensive experience of business development, growth strategies, branding and communication. In corporate governance Pia is adding value by effectively drive results through people and teams. After 20 years within retail and international fast moving consumer goods, Pia is currently an independent Management Consultant as well as facilitator and lecturer in a wide range of business areas.

Chairman of Board Speximo AB
Member of Board Adalbert Schmitz Stiftelse

Henri Hansson

Henri Hansson
Board Member

M. Sc. Pharm
Director of R&D, Board Member and CO-Founder at Galenica AB.

More than 25 years of experience of pharmaceutical development and production in the industry. Inhalation expertise predominantly in DPI and PMDIs, clinical trial manufacturing, scale up and production. Inventor/co-inventor of 18 patents and patent applications, four being inhalation related.

Ursula Hultkvist Bengtsson

Dr. Ursula Hultkvist Bengtsson
Board Member
Ph D, Assoc Prof
Founder and CEO MultiHelix AB

Ursula has worked in life science for almost 30 years. In 2016 Ursula founded her own company, MultiHelix AB, building alliances in life science, running a Think Tank and an international secretariat for life science clusters present in Wales, Belgium, Canada and Sweden with agreements to expand into China, Switzerland and Slovenia. Ursula has worked as EVP of Medicon Village, a life science village for research, innovation and business, since the start in 2012 being responsible for the strategic development. Ursula joined AstraZeneca in 1995 and have held a number of roles ranging from early drug discovery to commercial roles. Ursula also led an Inhalation Advisory Team to explore new opportunities for inhaled drug delivery in AstraZeneca. Prior to AstraZeneca, Ursula worked at Gambro, Sweden and at Sandoz, Switzerland. Ursula earned her PhD in Animal Physiology in 1988, Lund University, and became Associate Professor in Bio Pharmaceutics in 2003, Uppsala University.

Deputy chairman of Obducat AB
Chairman of Science Skills

Ola Nerbrink

Dr. Ola Nerbrink
Board Member

Ph D, Occupational Medicine
Owner and Independent Consultant at Respiron Consulting AB

More than 29 years experience in the inhaled field covering early discovery/toxicology up to Phase 2/3 studies. Wide knowledge in inhaled drug delivery and especially in liquid administration. Exstensive experience of negotiations with respect to feasibility studies with external parties and the support needed to take decisions in negotiations. Established network in the aerosol/inhalation field and a proven ability to build relationships/network with drug delivery companies, collaborators, contractors, suppliers, and corporate partners. Invited lecturer at international conferences.

Anna Stenstam

Dr. Anna Stenstam
Board Member

Ph D, Physical Chemistry
CEO of CR Competence AB, Owner and Founder of Colloidal Resource AB and Subsidiaries

Anna has worked with contract research since 2005 and has extensive experience working closely with clients in long term collaborations relating to personal care, medical technology and pharmaceuticals. In addition, as CEO of a contract research company Anna has experience working with company processes, account management and human resources. Anna has an extensive partner network in the region and is for example a member of the MAX IV industrial Network Group. She is invited lecturer at international conferences.