MVIC – your Partner and CRO for Inhalation Product Development

When heading major inhalation development projects, there are three things that will qualify you for success.
The first is a very skilled project manager, i.e. yourself. The second and third are a full-fledged span of competence and a vast experience in inhalation technology. That´s us.

We are often seen as a preferred CRO, and we are selected as strategic partner in inhalation product development and inhalation technology.

MVICs Symposium MVIS 2019

Welcome to MVIC’s Symposium and Workshop 7th to 10th of October 2019. In Lund, Sweden as always!
The MVIS Workshop will take place before the conference.

New MVIC Study presented at DDL2018

DPI Aerosol Robustness – Managing Impact of Environmental Relative Humidity
Read more about the study

Welcome to a Workshop in March 2019!

MVIC will run a 2-day Workshop, Introduction to Inhalation Product Development,  26–27 March 2019. The course covers all aspects of inhalation drug product development with MVIC experts as presenters.  Read more

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