When heading inhalation development projects, there are three things that guarantee success. A skilled project manager, and a full-fledged span of competence and a vast experience in inhalation technology. That´s us!

We are often seen as a preferred CRO, and we are selected as strategic partner in inhalation product development and inhalation technology.

MVIC Symposium 2021 – Good news!

We will arrange the MVIC Symposium face-to-face Wednesday 13th–Thursday 14th of October 2021. This will be our 9th Symposium, In Lund, Sweden.

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Cost-effective Qualification of an NGI

Cost-effective Qualification of an NGI and ACI at AB FIA

There are two ways of qualifying and determining the cut-off efficiency of the NGI or the ACI stages…

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Welcome to Join us in MVIC Training – CMC for Inhalation Products

We will run MVIC Training in connection to the MVIC Symposium, Monday 11th – Tuesday 12th of October 2021.

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Technical Note Regarding Evaluation of Data from Inhaler Size Distribution Measurements

Mårten Svensson, CEO of Emmace Consulting AB, is a co-author of a useful note in Inhalation Magazine April 2021. Read more