MVIC – your Partner and CRO for Inhalation Product Development

When heading major inhalation development projects, there are three things that will qualify you for success.
The first is a very skilled project manager, i.e. yourself. The second and third are a full-fledged span of competence and a vast experience in inhalation technology. That´s us.

We are often seen as a preferred CRO, and we are selected as strategic partner in inhalation product development and inhalation technology.

MVIS 2018 audience

Welcome to the 8th Medicon Valley Inhalation Symposium 2019!

MVIS 2019 – Future Opportunities of Inhalation
9th–10th of October 2019
The MVIS Workshop will take place before the MVIS conference.
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Poster – Surface Amorphicity Study

MVIC has, via its member company Adroit Science, in collaboration with Orion Pharma performed an investigation in an area which has recently attracted a lot of attention.
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Welcome to MVIS Workshop in October 2019!

MVIC will run a 2-day Workshop, Introduction to Inhalation Product Development, 7–8 October 2019. The course covers all aspects of inhalation drug product development with MVIC experts as presenters. Read more and Register

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