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When heading major inhalation development projects, there are three things that will qualify you for success.
The first is a very skilled project manager, i.e. yourself. The second and third are a full-fledged span of competence and a vast experience in inhalation technology. That´s us.

We are often seen as a preferred CRO, and we are selected as strategic partner in inhalation product development and inhalation technology.

MVIC Member

Member Companies

We are full service CRO specializing in inhaled drug delivery. We comprise 22 companies with very long experience and high quality expertise in all aspects of inhalation product development.
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MVIS 2015


Get a quick glance of MVIS 2015 and find out what the attendees thought about the symposium in the short video!
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Spray Pattern instrument


Emmace Consulting and Respiron Consulting have a Spray Pattern and Plume Geometry equipment from Oxford Lasers. Truly Labs AB has experience of drug delivery in pre clinical models both In-Vitro and In-Vivo and extensive to the lung and respiratory tract.
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