MVIC AB is your Partner and CRO for Inhalation Product Development

MVIC is a full service CRO specialized in inhalation product development and is located in Skåne in the Medicon Valley area. MVIC offers world class expertise within the field of inhalation, covering the whole value chain from drug discovery, development to Phase II/III.

MVIC AB has more than 70 inhalation experts and represents over 1000 years of inhalation experience!

MVIC Member

Member Companies

We are full service CRO specializing in inhaled drug delivery. We comprise 23 companies with very long experience and high quality expertise in all aspects of inhalation product development.
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MVIC Symposium


Welcome to ”Future Opportunities of Inhalation”. MVICs Symposium 2014 focuses on inhalation product development and highlights state of the art knowledge in the inhalation field. You will listen to well-known and proficient speakers giving interesting talks.
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Summertime and MVIC carries on! Summertime is normally a quiet period but MVIC has had on-going discussions with potential customers and continued to sign agreements. We have moved to new facilities at Medicon Village in Lund…
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